Viljuškar LINDE H 50 T/394

viljuškar LINDE H 50 T/394
Foto: viljuškar LINDE H 50 T/394
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30.900 €
≈ 33.653 US$
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Model H 50 T/394
Tip viljuškar
Godina proizvodnje 2011
Radnih sati 5899 m/č
Nosivost 5000 kg
Typ stožiaru standard
Lokacija Nemačka Friedberg-Derching
Datum objavljivanja više od 1 meseca
Autoline ID ZM8591
Gorivo gas
Stanje vozila
Stanje vozila dobro
VIN H2X394B00596/50
Registarski broj 2145935
Dodatne informacije: nemački
Vermietet: Falsch
LSP: 500
UVV: New
Zustand Sterne: ****
Rubrik: 2.7 LPG-Forklift 4,5 - 5,0 t
Freihub: 150
Gabeltraeger: 1350
FEM4 004: New
Bauart Hauptgruppe: Front-loader
Datum angelegt: 11.09.2015
vysota_podema_mm: 4100
height: 2984
weight: 6540
3.+ 4
valve in truck
valve in mast
steelframe with front and top glass
holder for gas bottle (without bottle)
front: 300 - 15
rear: 250 - 15
2 x lights frontside
1 x light backside
dust protection (high)
inside mirror
standard seat
dual-pedal control
central/cross levers
Newly serviced according to the manufacturer recommendations
exhaust emission test for thermal devices
Lifting frame
fork carriage and steering axle with new bearings
hydraulic system and vehicle electrics checked and repaired
Tyres as new (min
Lifting chain as new
Forks as new
Operating elements as new
Driver's seat and safety belt as new
Optical paintwork condition as new
FEM Inspection (Directive 4.004) conducted
Operating manual
CE Declaration of Conformity
Charging unit checked and certified according to BGV (German Trade Association Regulations) A3 VDE (German Association of Electrical
Electronic and Information Technology) 0701/02 guidelines
All technical and optical defects rectified
Warranty: 3 months/250 hours (certificate incl.)*
Detailed handover certificate
Warranty within GRUMA contractual territory if maintenance and repairs are conducted by GRUMA Nutzfahrzeuge / Fördertechnik
Wearing parts and used batteries are excepted
the value reached first is decisive
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