Putnički minibus MERCEDES-BENZ 516 Sprinter Touring Face Lift 22 seats

putnički minibus MERCEDES-BENZ 516 Sprinter Touring Face Lift 22 seats
Foto: putnički minibus MERCEDES-BENZ 516 Sprinter Touring Face Lift 22 seats
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62.000 €
Cena bez PDV-a
≈ 72.906 US$
Tip putnički minibus
Godina proizvodnje 2016
Broj mesta 22
Lokacija Poljska Wejherowo
Datum objavljivanja više od 1 meseca
Autoline ID NY7666
Automatska vučna kuka
Snaga 140 k.s. (103 kW)
Gorivo dizel
Zapremina 2143 cm³
Euro VI
Tip automat
Klima uređaj
Cruise-control (tempomat)
Boja beli
Dodatne informacije: engleski
Standard and optional equipment:
Panoramic side windows with thermal insulation
Walls, ceiling and side pillars covered with high quality trim in gray
Thermal and acoustic insulation of the passenger compartment
Flat floor
Floor covered whith high-quality anti-slip lining
Engine independet programable heater system with convectors on both sides
Warm air webasto in the back
Diode-Neon lighting, additional ceiling lightining
TV, Radio, GPS, CD-DVD player
Microphone with amplifier
Sunroof emergency exit, chrome package (grill, mirrors, door handles)
Front electrical, glass sidedoor
Alex Air conditioning (11 kW) with an individual distribution under the ceiling in hand luggage shelfs combinated with LED backlit and control panels for each passenger
Seats in MB material , fully adjustable and those on right(double seats) withpossibility to expand on sides to have more space for each passanger (rear handels , coffee table, armrest, net for newspapers-all in black)
Drivers cab and passenger area finished in aesthetic wood or carbon
Cruise control
Rear view camera
Seats in the last two rows on quick fixing legss NMI
Lightened front steps
Curtains, windows hammers
Seats: 22+1

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