Mašina za sortiranje Focus 1800

mašina za sortiranje Focus 1800
Foto: mašina za sortiranje Focus 1800
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92.500 €
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≈ 99.946 US$
Tip mašina za sortiranje
Godina proizvodnje 2012
Lokacija Holandija Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel
Datum objavljivanja više od 1 meseca
Autoline ID RR5259
Ukupne dimenzije 4.39 m × 2.65 m × 2.9 m
Registarski broj 1512140523
Dodatne informacije: engleski
Capacity: 15.000 kg / hour
Culture: Carrots, Potatoes
Concept Engineers optical grading machine for defect grading of vegetables
This machine is used to sort defect on carrots
But it can also be used to sort other products
The model Focus from Concept Engineers is an optical sorter especially developed to sort products with various optical deficiencies
Discoloration, deformation and foreign objects are detected and accuratelyremoved from the product flow
The Focus can be used for fresh / dried or frozen potato product, vegetables, fruit as well as seafood
Use of the Focus will lead to quality improvement of your final product, but also to lower and more predictable production costs
The capacity is maximum 15,000 kg of carrots per hour on the machine (good and bad), depending on the size of the carrots with a defect level of up to 30 % failure
Principle of operation
The carrots are fed to the conveyor via an input vibrating screen
This distributes the product evenly (in width and length direction), while this vibrating screen can be used at the same time as a fracture / length sorter
The product comes through a chute on the white inspecion belt of the grading machine
The purpose of this chute is to feed the carrots in the correct speed to the sorting machine
Because of this the product will remain still on the inspection belt
The Concept Engineers belt sorter is equipped with two B / W CCD line scan cameras and features both color and shape recognition
Simple to operate
Through a color touch screen this machine is very simple to operate
The set values ​​are stored in a sorting program
Special software developed for sorting carrots
To check the grading results, the machine is equipped with a static program (pie chart), which controls the number of graded carrots at various set-ups
The following points distinguish the optical sorting of Concept Engineers from its competitors
Easy to install by only connecting electrics, air and water
Cleaning friendly by using lots of sheet material and minimize horizontal surfaces where product can accumulate on
Use of many on the market available componets, such as belt, bearings, motor, lamps and other electrical items
Quickly and easily replaceable parts, such as lights, cameras, belt and motor
Industrial computer composed of a high-speed processor for control of the machine
And a local processor system for the cameras and processing the camera signals
Touch screen control panel with ‘frame grab’ feature and many control options
However, simple to operate for the operating staff
The minimum response time of the discharge valves is 2 milliseconds
Technical specifications
Construction of stainless steel 304
– Length : 4.383 mm
– Width : 2.646 mm
– Height : 2.900 mm
– Inspection belt width : 1.800 mm Netto
Water is needed for cleaning the belt (15 liters per minute, feed line for at least 3 /4 “)
Water pressure up to 2 bar, at least one bar
Belt speed control via frequency inverter
Airconditioner for constant temperature camera and computer cabinet
Power consumption : 8.5 kW
Power supply : 400 V AC, 3 phase + earth + neutral , 50 Hz
Computer Systems
Industrial setup
The system has an interface card for each camera with local processor
Graphic color control panel with IR touch screen operation (IP55)
Industrial computer enclosure with filtered fans
4 pcs B / W CCD line scan type
Electronic compensation for offset drift of the camera signal
Software “offset ” and ” gain” settings
Software control of the camera signal
Possible settings with ” frame grag ” and conventional method
Settings for color and shape recognition
Color Recognition
– In relative size of the head of the carrot
– Absolute spot size for the remainder of the carrot
Shape Recognition
– Minimum and maximum length
– Length / width ratio
– Curvation
Product set-ups (pre-programmed)
Discharge unit
Electronic integrated in discharge unit
Air must be dried and 0.1 micron particles filtered, 3 degrees C dew point and 0.08 ppm ( 0.1 mg/m3 ) oil filtration
Air 6 bar minimum; consumes 1800 l / min at 30 % defect level
Air supply line at least 1 1/2 ”
High frequency fluorescent lighting
IR illumination below the belt
Special reflectors for increased light output
Built- in camera body (less pollution)
Input vibrating screen
– Length : 2,650 mm
– Width : 2,360 mm
– Height : 2,160 mm
Powered by unbalanced motors
Control cabinet et electric brake unit
Chute / ramp, equipped with special system to release the carrots on the belt
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